I BELIEVE that demonstrating my passion for learning ignites a passion within my students to learn…

“Your community is your life, so make it a good community” – Gwen, Grade 3

This precept, or words to live by, became my Grade 3 class motto. Throughout the school year, we were able to grow and develop together as a group – celebrating each other’s successes and learning from our mistakes. Taking risks became common practice in our classroom, and in doing so, we learned to persevere and continue to strive for our goals. It is my wish for our PE classes to become a community of learners as well. Each class will be an adventure in physical activity with every turn in our journey leading us along the path towards lifelong physical activity and health.


Sossusvlei, Namib Dessert – Namibia

Celebrating diversity…be proud of who you are!

My love for cultures, health and physical activity has led me into education. Throughout my journey, the lessons learned have enriched my life both personally and professionally. Being ‘international’ has taught me to be open-minded and to welcome the differences that make our world unique. In doing so, I have gained a deeper appreciation for the culture from which I come from, learning to be proud of the characteristics that make me who I am. Celebrating diversity has become a way of life.


My Grade 3 students, American International School of Lusaka, Zambia

“What makes you say that?” 

These simple, but powerful words, activate our minds to build explanations from what we see or know. Embracing change and flexibility in our thinking allows us to develop our understandings and teaches us to consider multiple perspectives. Learning to reflect and make meaningful connections within the PE setting will create a culture of thinking for active and healthy living!
Sunset in Livingstone, Zambia

Sunset in Livingstone, Zambia

“Success is loving life and daring to live it.” – Maya Angelou

Claire Arcenas
MS/HS PE Teacher and MS PE Coordinator at Graded the American School of São Paulo. PYP Trainer for the IBO.

Student Blog: pegraded.blogspot.com.br

True understanding comes from building a culture of thinking within schools.

Collaboration is key in making our thinking visible.


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