Team Handball… What More to Learn?!

Think-Puzzle-Explore… Grade 8 Inquires into Team Handball

 “Do You Have the Head to Play Team Handball?” – Pedro, Grade 8, Graded School

Pedro's Think-Puzzle-Explore

Pedro’s Think-Puzzle-Explore

Using the thinking routineThink-Puzzle-Explore, Grade 8 students drew upon our enduring understanding and essential questions as well as our experiences during this unit to generate ideas and inquire deeper into team handball.

Enduring Understanding
  • Team handball develops the understanding of the skills and concepts needed to be physical and health literate
Essential Questions
  • What is team handball?
  • What movement skills and concepts practiced in team handball are similar in other sports? Which sports?
  • How is collaboration needed in team handball?
  • What decisions and actions impact the success of a game?
  • What are the physical fitness components developed in team handball?
  • In what ways does team handball develop physical and health literacy?

Helping students to recognize what they already know and pushing them to identify areas of interest to pursue…

  1. What do you think about team handball?
  2. What questions or puzzles do you have about team handball?
  3. What does the sport of team handball make you want to explore?

Used as a pre-assessment, Think-Puzzle-Explore allows teachers to get a good sense of where students are on a conceptual level. After delving deeper into the topic of study, students return to the routine and identify new developments in their thinking that in turn encourages the pursuit of further inquiries.

I wonder, how could you use this routine to set the stage for deeper inquiry in your subject area?

What more could you learn about team handball? 

Click on the following images to view some students’ thinking. Their blog post includes the thinking routine, Think-Puzzle-Explore and their reflection on three of the essential questions.






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