Physical and Health Literacy for Life!

Welcome to Visible Thinking Across Subject Matters: Connecting new ideas to our own learning…

Grade 6 PE

Grade 6 PE – Grade School, São Paulo

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with useful tools and resources that will help you grow professionally – not only within the physical education setting, but also within other subject areas. Each post demonstrates specific thinking moves being practiced and applied given the specific learning situation. After reading each post, identify the thinking that is taking place. Are students making connections, observing, evaluating or synthesizing? Are students exploring different perspectives and applying new ideas to what they already know? Use these examples as way to promote the type of thinking you would like your students to apply within your subject area.

I wonder, how could you use these strategies in your classroom? What thinking moves do you want your students to develop and value?

Cultures of Thinking

Creating a culture of thinking (Ron Ritchhart) within our classes, and schools, promotes and values both the group’s and individual thinking. By sharing each others’ ideas, connections, predictions and perspectives, our thinking is made visible. Greater understanding is achieved, thus driving further inquiry…

Physical and Health Literacy for Life: Sharing our learning with each other…

Take a look at the following video from OPHEA (Ontario Physical and Health Education Association)…

I wonder, what does it mean to be physical and health literate? How could you connect physical and health literacy to your subject area?

Promoting and Developing a Growth Mindset

Throughout students’ journey into physical fitness and health, working collaboratively is important so that goals are reached – both as individuals and as a group. Nurturing the appropriate mindset (Carol Dweck) is key in order to grow in all areas of our learning. Being open-minded to new experiences will enrich our learning and deepen our understanding of what it means to physical and health literate.

I wonder, how do we instil this disposition within our students, not only within the physical and health education setting, but across subject matters? If culture (of the classroom, school or greater community) is a force that dictates whether we grow or remain fixed in our learning, what could we do to change it?

Let’s use this blog as a platform to share our experiences and perspectives in order to connect new ideas to what we already know. Together, we can make our thinking visible…


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